Letter from Tokyo

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan, Spring 2020. Image courtesy Sr. Teruko Ito, MM.

Editor’s note: Sr. Teruko Ito, MM serves on the Maryknoll Sisters’ Leadership Council and lives at the Maryknoll motherhouse in New York. She is currently in Tokyo, where she will remain at least until summer, and shares thoughts from there about the coronavirus and Mother Earth.

Greetings from Tokyo. I read the news with serenity. And I continue to ask the big question: What is Mother Earth asking us these days out of a very difficult condition?

Since I returned to Japan about a month ago, I have been limiting my movement and trying to acculturate myself back to Tokyo life, though now so different with the newly added virus demands.

I have been watching our cherry trees bloom. They are very old. I am sure they have been here close to a hundred years. With the background of the blue sky, they shine brilliantly. With unseasonable snow they simply face down and get warmth from the earth. But with spring gales from the north and gentle warm southern winds, they will begin dancing as ready to move to the next phase…

The ground is covered in white now. I pray they will soon bud forth many dark twin fruits. Birds are getting excited with their songs. Life circles and teaches us deep time. I am trying to listen to the new rhythm with my heart.

I send you my prayers filled with healing energy. Take care.


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