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Why I’ll Be on the ROADTRIP TO PANDO: Philosopher John Cobb

I am a theist, and with many, I feel God’s presence most strongly in the midst of natural, and especially living, things.  Pando is an extraordinarily interesting living thing, and I expect it to induce a deep sense of sacred presence.

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Practicalities of Pando’s Preservation

One thing I’ve learned through all of my work is that even the most intimate ecological knowledge will only get us so far without understanding how our individual interests are interdependent as opposed to being in conflict.  That requires understanding each other, including those with whom we disagree. 

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We’re All Connected

Cyril said that water is the sign of the Spirit because it adapts and transforms into all living things. Christians need to reclaim the embodied spirituality that suffused early Christianity, as a way to feel part of nature and thus committed to its preservation.

An Alternative Vision: Whitehead’s Philosophy, Pando, Seizing an Alternative

Whitehead, Pando and Philosophy of Ecological Relations

Whitehead is distinctive, if not unique, in making ecological relations primary in the interpretation of reality.

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I’m with Pando

Artist Tucker Nichols is artist-in-residence at Pando Populus and lives in northern California.