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Practicalities of Pando’s Preservation

One thing I’ve learned through all of my work is that even the most intimate ecological knowledge will only get us so far without understanding how our individual interests are interdependent as opposed to being in conflict.  That requires understanding each other, including those with whom we disagree. 

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Laudato Si’ and Me: How Up to the Task Is It (and Am I)?

Won’t the world need the “soft” values of altruism, connection, and dialogue to avoid savage war?

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Trump’s Growthism: Its Roots in Neoclassical Economic Theory

By “Trumponomics,” I mean an unrestrained commitment to policies of drill it, pump it, burn it, cut it down, dig it up, pave it over, buy it, consume it, and if it threatens to slow growth, then run over it or bomb it.

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Populus aenigmas

I am ancient, but afraid. I invade, but stay in place. Who am I?

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What Keeps Us Trying?

My guess is that if you were not keeping on, at least to some degree, you would not be reading this piece. Perhaps we are all fools, but let’s think about it.

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On the Importance of Thinking (and Rethinking)

To understand that we live in a world in which relationships are more fundamental than tiny, individual bits of matter is revolutionary in its implications.