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Religions at their best embody a bid for “world loyalty,” to use Alfred North Whitehead’s insightful phrase. They are opposed to sectarianism, nationalism, or escapism. Without world loyalty there is little possibility of establishing ecological civilization.

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A Unique Historical Opportunity

In this far-ranging and inspirational speech for a meeting of women religious in Monrovia, CA, John Cobb discusses major influences that have shaped our current situation and the alternative vision of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’. He concludes with ways that Pando at Maryknoll might incarnate integral ecology.

Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home

Pope Francis’ bold clarion call in Laudato Si’ is passionate but also thoughtful and undogmatic in exemplary ways. Even while summonsing the best conclusions and consensus of the scientific community, there is a tone of humility and a recognition that knowledge is always partial and emergent.

Vern Visick, Pandomaniac

The “eternal rest” of which some speak would, I suspect, be hard for Vern to take.

Why I’ll Be on the Roadtrip to Pando: Interfaith Legend Ed Bacon

My expectation and intention is that in this odyssey, new epiphanies will take place and that the relationships developed on the journey will bear fruit in surprising ways.