Pando Populus is creating a more ecological way of life… starting with Los Angeles County.

Pando Populus produces education and communications initiatives, strategically chosen to help fast-track a more ecologically sustainable LA County.

The challenges we’re up against are big.  Like creating culture shift in one of the world’s most diverse metropolitan areas. Producing change-maker initiatives that break out of silos. Busting past bureaucratic hurdles. And reaching across ideological and communication barriers.

Our inaugural event brought together 1,500 people from around the globe to rethink civilization in explicitly ecological terms.

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Since then, we’ve put shovels in the ground for an eco-homeless shelter.  Developed community gardening and urban farming initiatives in Carson and Ontario.  Pulled ecological education out of the classroom and put it in the field.  And created a remedy for burnout among local social justice and environmental change-makers.

We create capacity for our partners.  And help them accomplish initiatives together that are difficult to pull off alone.  Think old-fashioned barn-raisings, with an urban and eco twist.

We call the locations where our events take place, Pando Hubs.

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A taskforce of Chief Sustainability Officers helps to select the initiatives we focus on and to coordinate our efforts with County-wide sustainability work.

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“Pando launched with the biggest of big ideas – to rethink civilization with the Earth in mind.  We’re now bringing those ideas down to Earth in LA County.”
— John Bielenberg

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