Welcome to Pando.

We create hope through action.

We’re making LA a community of more resilient communities.

Pando works at the intersection of education and public agencies to implement Los Angeles County’s sustainability goals.

We forge collaborations, and generate solutions and practical plans.

We make courageous things happen in solidarity with the Earth and its people.

We bring together people who show every day that they are passionate about Los Angeles and its future.

Because if you care about LA’s future, you care about sustainability and other people.

We have a process for project acceleration that can light fires in the hearts of the best and brightest to implement sustainability in the LA basin.

But these are not pie-in-the-sky projects. They are practical, sensible efforts at dozens of locations across the Southland.

Pando is about the bravest of our better angels working to muster and inspire the people who are imagining the unimaginable:

A brighter and better future for the 10 million people who call LA home.

What’s happening

Some of our successes

Pando Days ’21


The most creative minds within higher ed tackle the biggest sustainability challenges facing Southern California.

Magenta House – Events


Pop-up and neighborhood events teach water conservation and power efficiency.

Pilgrimage to Pando


Contemplative journey to the home of the largest living organism on Earth.

Pandotopia Blitz


Reimagining religious campuses as hubs of integral ecology.

Blog Posts

Introducing Judith Parker, Pando Days narrative coach

Judith Parker has a knack for marrying conceptual ideas to a narrative, a process that enhances project presentations. Here’s a glimpse at how it works.

Pando Days Update: Marcela Oliva, LA Trade Tech

Expanding green space for resilience and prosperity.

Pando Days Update: Berenika Boberska, Woodbury

When life hands you saltwater, make salad.

Pando Days Update: Gina Valona, Otis

Otis is mapping sustainability across the California Southland.

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