Pando Populus is rethinking everything along ecological lines. Connecting change-makers. Driving impact that matters. Our aim is to create a more ecological civilization.

We’ve taken our name from one of the oldest and largest organisms on the planet —

a giant quaking aspen named “Pando,”

spread over more than a hundred acres in south-central Utah, thousands of years old, connected by a single root system. Each part nourishing the whole.  A symbol of our life together.

Pando, the tree

Pando Populus focuses on deep change, with the Earth and its people in mind.  We concentrate our attention on Los Angeles County, then plan to scale. “Pandomaniacs” are every kind of diversity and stripe.

Here’s what we do:

Think wrong about civilization and the Earth

Pando pulls together the intellectual and other resources people need to imagine a radically different future.

Philosopher John Cobb describes the end-goal as an ecological civilization.  Pope Francis names it integral ecology.  To get there, innovator John Bielenberg says we have to start thinking wrong, given the direction that thinking “right” is leading us.


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Pando is a rootball of connections for people who are working to create a more ecological way of life.  We hook them up for impact.  Proactively target efforts.


Pando Hubs

Pando Hubs are street addresses of deep change across LA County.  They are places where partners come together to create locations of ecological civilization, here and now.  Where stuff happens overnight in a blitz.  Think old fashioned barn-raising with an urban and eco twist.

“To see the world with ecological relations at its core means never to see it in the same way again.”
–Philosophical environmentalist John B. Cobb, Jr.

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