Pando is an executive producer of high-impact initiatives and events that drive ecolibrium.  Our aim is a more environmentally balanced, economically secure, and socially just future — beginning with the area where we live.

We bring the creative world and entrepreneurs together with higher ed, faith-based groups, local government, and business to launch initiatives that are difficult for any of them to pull off alone.

Think old-fashioned barn-raisings, but with an eco and justice twist.

I’m with Pando 

We’re inspired by Pando, the one-tree forest that interconnects and nurtures tens of thousands of trees through a common rootball.

Being Pando means I belong to you, you belong to me, we belong to each other.

Pando communities cultivate unity amidst great diversity. With creativity and can-do spirit harnessed for the common good. Grounded in big ideas. Radically committed.

We’re aiming for ecolibrium 

Our vision is the world that designer John Bielenberg names as a state of “ecolibrium,” where the Earth and its people are in balance.

It includes what Pope Francis describes as “integral ecology” and references philosopher John Cobb’s “ecological civilization.”

Pandotopia at Maryknoll

At the Maryknoll Sisters’ 7 ½ acre compound in Monrovia, we’re bringing women who have taken lifelong vows of poverty together with some of the country’s top designers; urban farmers together with social impact entrepreneurs; believers of all kinds together with those who don’t relate to any traditional faith — and uniting them in action for the Earth and its people.  Read more and get involved!


EVENTS.  We’re constantly creating new initiatives and events, which you’re welcome to join or adapt for your community.  Here’s what’s new:

Go ahead. Use more water. More power. Whatever.


Creating standout prototype examples of water and power conservation.


Contemplative journey to the home of the largest living organism on Earth.


Executive-level peer education for best practices in creating sustainable cities.


Where justice and eco change-makers go to unplug and recharge.

DO YOU PANDO? Join our networks!

PandoTopia Network
Pandotopia Network is focused on spreading the Pando model, with a base among women religious.
PandoTopia Network
CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Strategic Taskforce brings CSOs and other sustainability professionals from education, business, faith communities, and government together from across Los Angeles County.

"To see the world with ecological relations at its core means never to see in the same way again.” — John B. Cobb, Jr.

Latest Posts

Circle Dance of Oneness

This prayer was recently offered up at a meeting of the leadership of the Western Region of Maryknoll Sisters during their conference and retreat in Monrovia, CA.

The Futility of Symbolic Environmentalism

Like offering a band-aid for a bullet wound, Michael Goldberg argues that individual lifestyle changes may be little more than moral signifiers in the fight against climate change. For Goldberg such symbolic gestures are out of their depth when faced with the mounting material concerns of a global disaster.

Can God Stop Climate Change Singlehandedly?

According to theologian Tom Oord, we need a revolution. One that isn’t just social and political, but is spiritual and religious as well. One that believes creation and all creatures are intrinsically valuable.

Public Radio Explores Hidden Connections

Paul Rogers recently sat down with Utah Public Radio’s “Undisciplined” host, Matthew LaPlante, and inorganic chemist, Lisa Berreato, to weigh in on some potential connections between the Pando forest and inorganic chemistry. An interesting conversation emerged.