Welcome to Pando.

We create hope through action.

We’re making the world a community of more resilient communities.

Pando connects diverse people together and to our networks to grapple with big problems and gargantuan ideas.

We generate solutions and practical plans.

We get results — and make courageous things happen at a local level. In solidarity with the Earth and its people.

Our Roots.
We’re inspired by Pando, the one-tree forest in remote southern Utah that interconnects and nurtures tens of thousands of trees through a common rootball.

Big ideas.
Being Pando means we are interconnected. I belong to you, you belong to me, we belong to each other. It includes what Pope Francis describes as “integral ecology” and philosopher John Cobb sums up as “ecological civilization.”

See how we are uniting student designers with women who’ve taken lifelong vows of poverty, urban farmers with social impact entrepreneurs, philosophers, storytellers, producers, educators, activists, and sustainability officers.

What’s happening

Accelerating hope
for the Southland,

Join us
Mar. – Dec. 2021

Highlighted projects

Pando Days ’21

The most creative minds within higher ed tackle the biggest sustainability challenges facing Southern California.

Magenta House

Creating standout prototype examples of water and power conservation.

Pilgrimage to Pando

Contemplative journey to the home of the largest living organism on Earth.


Reimagining mission and resources for integral ecology.

Blog Posts

Pando Days ’21 Launches!

Transcript of presentation remarks at the Pando Days ’21 Launch.

Finding Hope Amid Conflicting Currents

Pando Populus Board Member Rev. Ed Bacon recently spoke with the Zen Buddhist priest Rev. angel Kyoto williams about Pando and contemporary issues.

Garden Mysteries

Rilke speaks of the gardener’s participation in the Universe’s Mysteries this way: “In spite of all the farmer’s work and worry, he can’t reach down to where the seed is slowly transmuted into summer. The earth bestows.”

Christmas Greetings from Tokyo, 2020

All throughout, trees outside my window stood firm and accompanied me by extending and waving their branches and invited me to listen to the circular rhythm of life. “Stay put where you are planted,” the trees reminded me.