We’re Pando.

We create hope through action.

We’re building a brighter and better future for the 10 million people who call LA home.

Los Angeles County has a sustainability plan. We’re the non-profit developing civic engagement opportunities to implement it.

We give people the tools they need to make courageous things happen for the LA basin and its people.

We focus on the ones we can reach. The ones we can inspire. The ones who create and build and fight. The young ones. And all the others who still have hope.

Higher ed. K-12. Sustainability professionals. Intergenerational and interfaith stakeholders.

We innovate civic engagement to solve the biggest problems facing Los Angeles and the world:

Shelter, water, air, transportation, community, food, trash, poverty, biodiversity, pollution, and sustainability.

Our only goal is to equip local stakeholders to take our problems on.

Pando is named after the one-tree aspen forest in Utah, the largest organism on Earth–made up of over 47,000 trunks, and millions of leaves, connected through one root system.

It’s the perfect symbol—and a darned good name.

What’s just wrapped

Some of our successes

Pando Days 2019-20


HIGHER ED: Southland colleges and universities come together with courses, studios, and labs to build County sustainability.

Magenta House Accelerator


YOUTH: Middle School and High School teams innovate a water-wise and power-conscious future for LA.

CSO Strategic Taskforce

PROFESSIONAL NETWORK: LA’s CSO Taskforce focuses Chief Sustainability Officers from government, business, and civil society on broad regional issues.

Pando at SSS HSRC


COMMUNITY: A hub of service and Earth-centered learning for faith (and no faith) communities of every stripe.

Blog Posts

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Pando Days ’21 Premiere Recap

Showcasing 11 projects from 10 Southland universities tackling LA County sustainability.

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