Our goal is to turn hope into action to solve the world’s biggest problems.

And we’re succeeding.

We’re making the world a community of more resilient communities.

To do that, we actually do three things:

  1. WE GATHER PEOPLE. We bring diverse people together to grapple with these big problems.
  2. WE HOLD EVENTS. We run workshops, called Pando Blitzes, where we challenge people to generate solutions and practical plans.
  3. WE GET RESULTS. We help them make these courageous things happen at a local level, through the Pando Accelerator.

Want to help us?

I’m with Pando 

We’re inspired by Pando, the one-tree forest that interconnects and nurtures tens of thousands of trees through a common rootball. And motivated by the big ideas it symbolizes.

Being Pando means I belong to you, you belong to me, we belong to each other.

It includes what Pope Francis describes as “integral ecology” and philosopher John Cobb calls “ecological civilization.”

Pando Days

Among our key projects: PANDO DAYS is bringing together 11 of Los Angeles County’s art and design colleges to change the game for local resiliency. It’s the most ambitious undertaking of its kind. Ever.

Join us for a Sneak Preview on February 16 and for the Hollywood showcase on April 25. And, if you really care, support the amazing projects that the colleges are developing. Go here to learn more.

Pando Accelerator

At the Maryknoll Sisters’ 7 1/2 acre compound in Monrovia, CA, we’re bringing women who have taken lifelong vows of poverty together with some of the country’s top designers; urban farmers together with social impact entrepreneurs; believers of all kinds together with those who don’t relate to any traditional faith — and uniting them in action for the Earth and its people. Read more and get involved!



A four-part series of events to harness the genius of LA County’s creative community for the most ambitious regional sustainability plan in the country.


Go ahead. Use more water. More power. Whatever.


Creating standout prototype examples of water and power conservation.


Building community resilience in Los Angeles County.

DO YOU PANDO? Join our networks!

PandoTopia Network
Pandotopia Network is focused on spreading the Pando model, with a base among women religious.
PandoTopia Network
CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Strategic Taskforce brings CSOs and other sustainability professionals from education, business, faith communities, and government together from across Los Angeles County.

"To see the world with ecological relations at its core means never to see in the same way again.” — John B. Cobb, Jr.

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