Pando Populus is laying down the infrastructure for deep change in Los Angeles County. Our aim is to create a more ecological civilization.


We’ve taken our name from the largest and oldest organism on the planet — a giant quaking aspen named “Pando,” spread over more than a hundred acres in south-central Utah, thousands of years old, connected by a single root system. “Populus” is the genus for aspen.


Pando Populus connects people and organizations. We then thicken the connective tissue through big ideas and action.

Pando Hubs


A big, bold experiment creating ecological civilization one street address at a time across Los Angeles County.

Pando Hubs are places doing remarkable work with the big idea in mind of creating a more ecological civilization but that need the help of Pando Partners to achieve a goal that’s difficult to reach alone.

Pando Hubs stand in the tradition of old-fashioned barn raisings, neighbor helping neighbor, and are hyper-local.

Philosophical environmentalist
John B. Cobb, Jr. puts it this way:

“To see the world with ecological relations at its
core means never to see in the same way again.”

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