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Despite Bipartisan Support, Public Banking in Michigan Spurs Skepticism

This post, part four in the series on public banking, takes us to Michigan where a public banking bill has received bipartisan support, but one critic there has serious concerns.

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Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home

Pope Francis’ bold clarion call in Laudato Si’ is passionate but also thoughtful and undogmatic in exemplary ways. Even while summonsing the best conclusions and consensus of the scientific community, there is a tone of humility and a recognition that knowledge is always partial and emergent.

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Reflections On a Life-changing Event

The Pando clone embodies linkages along many vectors: roots to stems, soil to plants, birds to boles, life to death to rebirth. Our social community and the ideas spurred from within that gathering linked previously disparate entities, too.

Ecological Civilization, Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought

Making Los Angeles the Resilient City by 2028

Pando Populus recently accepted and strengthened the idea of using the upcoming Los Angeles Olympics as an occasion to set high but not impossible goals for LA. With sincere backing from institutions and individuals I believe these goals could move LA a long way in the direction of becoming a model for an ecological civilization.

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A Reflective Response to “Junk Raft”

Marcus Eriksen and his friends understand the damage that can be done by plastics far better than the rest of us. But they also know that simply informing us will do little to change our behavior. If we are to be redirected away from our suicidal behavior, we must be grasped by images.

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Planting a Public Bank in the Garden State

Public banking is common sense says the former global co-head of investment management for Goldman Sachs, who put himself through Harvard and earned his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.