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Art & Design, The Transformative Power of Art

Flowers for Sick People

Tucker Nichols has a solution to spread as much art and connectivity as we can get.

Ecological Civilization, Environment, Pando Forest

Pando Update: Crafting a Course to Sustainability

In 2019, we began to see the face of progress at Pando and register some success — though we have a long way to go.

Environment, Events, Pando Forest


Marc O’Brien offers a retrospective reflection on his recent EXPEDITION PANDO adventure.

Nature, Poetry

Our Mother Earth

Ronald Phipps generously shared this poem with us, in honor of our Common Home, our Mother Earth, on Mother’s Day.

Environment, Events, Pando Forest, Reenvisioning Nature; Reenvisioning Science

Join Me for EXPEDITION: Pando!

“This place leaves a mark on your soul.” says Pando’s design strategist Marc O’Brien “You take something back with you after every visit.” That’s why he’s going back this May.

Reimagining and Reinventing the Wisdom Traditions—Spirituality, Theology

Circle Dance of Oneness

This prayer was recently offered up at a meeting of the leadership of the Western Region of Maryknoll Sisters during their conference and retreat in Monrovia, CA.