Pando Populus is a non-profit producer of initiatives and events that bring Los Angeles County change-makers together to accomplish high-impact challenges that can’t be pulled off alone.

We increase the capacity of our partners, break down the barriers between specialty silos, and thicken the connective tissue between LA environmental and social justice organizations by bringing them together for bold, countywide initiatives.

Our aim is to fast-track the region toward a more ecologically balanced way of life — what Pope Francis calls “integral ecology” and our founding chair John Cobb describes as “ecological civilization.”

We focus our work at the intersections between organizations, and provide transdisciplinary educational resources to support it.  Our networking infrastructure helps keep partners joined together for ongoing impact.

To date, we have increased the capacity of some 150 LA-based organizations to collaborate in meeting common challenges for LA County.

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Pando Populus was founded in the fall of 2014, with our inaugural conference held on the campus of Pomona College in Claremont, CA in June of 2015 for some 1,500 people. The event explored more than eighty different tracks in the sciences and humanities, rethinking civilization along ecological lines.

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We take our name from the largest and one of the oldest organisms on Earth — a giant quaking aspen named “Pando.”

Spread over more than a hundred acres in south-central Utah, Pando is connected by a single root system. Each part nourishes the whole.

Pando is a remarkable symbol of our life together.

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