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Your contribution allows us to build collaborations and programs to implement Southland sustainability goals. Join our team of sponsors!


We’d love your help — as an individual or organization! In-person or virtual. Let us know your talents and interests. Welcome to our gang!


Suggest a challenge area or project focus where you think community collaboration and ingenious ideas can make a difference for LA County!

Your donations, collaboration, and ideas make our work possible.

Contributors large and small have joined the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Clean Power Alliance, LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI), individuals, and more in underwriting support for Pando Days.

Funding makes civic engagement opportunities possible at all participating Pando Days colleges and universities. It supports project-centered learning for sustainability over the fall term, and real-world R&D/implementation of the projects conceived.

Over three program seasons, nearly 40 Pando Days projects have been made possible through your generous contributions.

Check out our impact!

Ticket-holders underwrite costs of our Pilgrimage to Pando to see the home of the largest organism on the planet. Some participants pay multiple times the ticket price to underwrite the event for others.

The foundation of Trinity Episcopal Church, Wall Street, has joined in the past to ensure the experience is possible for all.

Public agencies offer partnership grants to Pando to extend programs that are central to their missions and require community support.

A collaboration with the LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI) makes possible incubation and prototype space to early-stage green startups at Pando in Encino.


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