Pando has a unique process to engage stakeholders in making positive impact.

Accelerators aren’t for normal people but for those who are radically committed, those who have obsessions, those who can’t do anything else but.

See our list of programs for examples of some of the different ways we put our process to work accelerating positive change. Prepare to be amazed at the breadth and the quality of the undertakings.

What are you radically committed to?

Pando process for project acceleration

The process lies at the heart of all our civic engagement programs.

Big Ideas
We don’t do small.

If your idea “can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough” (Wes Jackson).

We unite the people who care most about the future of Los Angeles.

We get them together to talk and inspire each other.

We focus them on the right things.

We challenge them to invent and develop real-life projects that matter—and connect them to the LA County Sustainability Plan.

We motivate them to launch the projects they’ve conceived. With small, manageable bets that test their ideas.

We help find seed funding to start up and accelerate projects.

We’re not just dreaming about a better world.

We’re looking for results – measured against the County’s 12 justice and ecology goals.

Our own project management system helps keep projects on track, coordinate the teams working on them, meet milestones, and assess results. The system is currently available for the Magenta House Accelerator and is being tailored for Pando Days and Pandotopia projects.

Pando process in action

Pando Days launched with a single aim: implement LA County sustainability goals. In response, we pulled together the County’s leading creative and intellectual talent, launched both public and targeted brainstorming, and catalyzed 10 college and university teams to develop their ideas in the first year. We supported project development with specialist coaching and seed funding. Our events provided multiple avenues for community-building and stakeholder involvement. In the end, 4 first-year Pando Days projects received early-stage support from outside funders, including Google and the Mellon Foundation. Today, a total of 21 Pando Days projects have been developed or are currently in development across the Southland.