We have a process to create positive impact.

We believe that people can make a difference, and give them the tools they need to make it happen.

Pando is a producer of educational programs for civic engagement that have the end goal of building regional resilience. Our programs improve awareness, understanding and skills. And deliver real-world, community results.

At the heart of our process is an “action lab” model in which big challenges are identified, bold objectives set, and ingenious innovations hammered out before being given a test-drive. We telescope the time frame.

Typically, action labs are applied to broad social challenges, such as economic development or criminal justice. We are applying the model to the challenge of regional resiliency, with goals defined by local public agencies.

Our programs provide a unique and compelling theory of action with transdisciplinary, public-spirited, project-centered learning opportunities. They offer value simultaneously along the dual tracks of learning and real-world action. They are positive and hopeful. 

A can-do, problem-solving, and regionally-focused approach seems especially important to us in increasingly divided times. 

Pando’s competitive advantage lies in our focus on building LA County resilience, our theory of action, and our ability to increase the capacity of our collaborators and partner institutions.

Pando process at work

Our work begins in community, with the most diverse people we can find — including generational diversity.

Our process includes a framework for knowledge and skill-set development and offers: a challenge-based learning environment; project development coaching; brainstorming and strategizing; narrative development, and mentoring and advisory opportunities — all supported by as many connections as we can muster to get projects implemented on the ground.

It’s the combination of these elements that lies at the heart of everything we do.

See our programs for examples of how the Pando process creates positive change.

What are you committed to?

Pando process in action

Pando Days launched with a single aim: implement LA County goals for regional resilience. In response, we pulled together the County’s leading creative and intellectual talent, launched both public and targeted brainstorming, provided project development and narrative coaching, and catalyzed 10 college and university teams to develop their ideas in the first year with dedicated courses, studios or labs. We supported them with specialist advice and micro funding. The program delivered transdisciplinary, project-centered learning along with actionable community-based projects. At the end of our first year, 4 Pando Days projects received early-stage support from outside funders, including Google and the Mellon Foundation. By the end of 2022, a total of three dozen Pando Days projects will have been developed across the Southland, involving 20 higher ed institutions, some 30 professors, and 400 students.