We light fires in the hearts of the best and brightest to create positive change in local communities.

Pando puts community at the heart of education to deliver real world impact. But these are not pie-in-the-sky projects. These are practical, sensible efforts at dozens of locations across the Southland.

Pando Days locations

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We track impact across three broad yet interconnected areas: Sustainability Impact, Education Impact, and Community Impact.


Our sustainability goals are to help implement the LA County’s OurCounty plan to address local social, health and environmental problems. Our objectives are to raise awareness of the plan and to implement projects/solutions that directly target community health and resilience.

projects address
goal #1: Resilience
projects address
goal #2: Buildings
projects address
goal #3: Land
projects address
goal #4: Economy
projects address
goal #5: Biodiversity
projects address
goal #6: Re-creation
projects address
goal #7: Climate
projects address
goal #8: Mobility
projects address
goal #9: Resources
projects address
goal #10: Food
projects address
goal #11: Governance
projects address
goal #12: Partnerships


Our educational goals are to create an easier pathway to participate in local, effective civic engagement.  Our objectives are to implement an effective framework for project-based learning, connecting students and educators to the resources and networks they need to create impact-driven projects rooted in local communities’ needs.

Number of middle school collaborations
Number of students who participated in Magenta House
Number of higher education collaborations
Number of students who participated in Pando Days
Percentage of Pando Days projects led by women
Number of Pando Days instructors supported in Project Based Learning
Percentage of Pando Days projects led by first generation Americans


Our community goals are to build more connection and interdependence between “town” (local communities) and “gown” (higher education institutes) in jointly solving community problems. Our objectives are to develop community-based projects which create lasting networks which bring together NGOs, public agencies, business and higher-ed institutions.

Number of Pando Days community partners
Number of continuing Pando Days projects*

*As of the 2022 season. Statistics for 2023 season will be calculated in July of 2024. A “continuing project” is one that continues for at least the following six months after its Pando Days premiere.

Continuing projects spotlight

Pando Days coming to life: UCLA’s Biophilia Treehouse

UCLA’s submission for Pando Days 2019/20 is currently being installed in Encino. We get an update.

Pando Days Update: Marcela Oliva, LA Trade Tech

Expanding green space for resilience and prosperity.

Pando Days Update: Berenika Boberska, Woodbury

When life hands you saltwater, make salad.

Pando Days Update: Gina Valona, Otis

Otis is mapping sustainability across the California Southland.

What is the future of LA housing, and how can artificial intelligence help?

“AI: The Future of Housing,” SCI-Arc’s Pando Days initiative, presents a near future for Los Angeles where AI and new technologies are tools in the fight for housing equity.

The Resilience Project at Pasadena City College

The Resilience Project uses art and interaction to create games, media archives, and virtual reality meditations that explore resilience, both on practical and personal terms.

Imagining Interconnected Foodways Across LA County

Food Within Reach is a project of Cal Poly Pomona that envisions interconnected foodways every quarter mile across LA County.