We help Angelenos take our biggest challenges on.

We produce programs and single events for formal and informal learners alike in higher ed, K-12, and professional and community groups. .

These extend over successive seasons.

Higher education

Pando Days Series

Yes, there is hope for LA! Because we have a not-so-secret goal. To connect educators and college students to a big plan. The one that really matters. The Los Angeles County Sustainability Plan—the boldest regional sustainability plan in the nation. With dedicated courses and labs that implement real-world projects to help meet our biggest sustainability challenges.

Pando Days ’24

2024 Season

Pando Days ’23

2023 Season

Pando Days ’22

2022 Season

Pando Days ’21

2021 Season

Pando Days 2019-20

2019-20 Season

Middle school

Magenta House Series

Magenta House is Pando Days for middle school, but with a water and power focus. The program features a full-service project Accelerator with an end-of-project Expo showcase.

Magenta House ’23

2023 Season

Magenta House ’22

2022 Season

High school

Junk Battle

Junk Battle asks students to do something fabulous with their waste stream — and showcase their work in a competition. Prototyped in 2018 for higher ed, we’re bringing it to high schools soon!

Junk Battle 2

Junk Battle

2018 Season

Young adults

Camp Pando

Camp Pando is a project-centered creative boot camp for a cohort of 9-12 unemployed young people (18-24) not enrolled in school who want to make a difference for equity and sustainability in the communities where they live. Camp Pando happens over a few days at a retreat or similar location, led by a Pando team of project innovation specialists.

Sustainability professionals

CSO Taskforce

LA’s CSO taskforce brings sustainability professionals from across LA County together to focus on regional issues as a whole. The Taskforce holds Countywide meetings, hosts professional development events, and provides qualified volunteer opportunities.

Seminar: planning Southland sustainability


Regional planner Mark VanderSchaaf’s seminar based on his groundbreaking book.

City Blitz


Peer-to-peer education and innovation for sustainability professionals drawn from LA County’s 88 cities.

Faith communities


Pandotopia programs focus civic engagement on communities of faith and are profoundly diverse and interfaith. We offer opportunities to unplug, recharge, and connect across generations and traditions for Countywide service.

Pilgrimage to Pando


Contemplative journey to the home of the largest living organism on Earth.



Where LA County’s justice and sustainability leaders go to unplug and recharge.

Pandotopia Blitz


Reimagining religious campuses as hubs of community resilience.

We produce single events that respond opportunistically to needs and prototype new ideas that might be worth taking for a longer ride.


Pando means we’re interconnected.

Futures of Death Alley

Making an impact at LA’s ground zero.

Roadtrip to Pando

Citizen-scientist adventure to save the largest living organism on Earth.

This Pope Is Pando

Bringing LA’s communities together to focus on issues raised by Pope Francis.

Fellowship Program
This is an in-residence arts and humanities opportunity aiming both to contribute to Pando’s mission and to the Fellow’s own artistic, research, or service work.

Maru Garcia


Maru spent her time growing “plastic” and re-building soil and community as a fellow.

Aubrey Burgess


Aubrey spent her time photographing and facilitating events as well as designing educational materials as a fellow.

Yogan Muller

December 2019

Yogan spent a short weekend photographing trees, reconnecting with nature and finding an artistic direction as a fellow.

Geneva Bielenberg


Geneva helped launch the Pando at Maryknoll program, painted murals, grew produce and helped manage the Magenta House program as a fellow.

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