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FOOD WITHIN REACH: Foodways every quarter mile across the County.

Foodways Connection: Mapping food resources to build food security in LA.

MUSHROOM LAB: Developing a Regenerative Future
Experimenting with mushrooms to expand circular and regenerative agriculture and product creation.

BAG/GET: Alleviating Food Insecurity Through Software
A software solution designed to help food banks and pantries get food faster to the people who need it most.

Prototype to incarnate the vision of Pope Francis’s “integral ecology” at the Maryknoll Monrovia campus.

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A Unique Historical Opportunity

In this far-ranging and inspirational speech for a meeting of women religious in Monrovia, CA, John Cobb discusses major influences that have shaped our current situation and the alternative vision of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’. He concludes with ways that Pando at Maryknoll might incarnate integral ecology.

A Reflective Response to “Junk Raft”

Marcus Eriksen and his friends understand the damage that can be done by plastics far better than the rest of us. But they also know that simply informing us will do little to change our behavior. If we are to be redirected away from our suicidal behavior, we must be grasped by images.

Interview with Claudia Pearce

Claudia Pearce is an author, journalist, and activist based in Southern California. Pearce is involved with developing Huerta del Valle‘s gardens and founding Pando Hub projects there and at the Natural Ivy Foundation in Koreatown.

Eco Civilization in China

Residents and visitors breathe dark, smoggy air in the cities, and partly because the problems are so serious, China is committed to work for “ecological civilization.”