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FOOD WITHIN REACH | Cal Poly Pomona, Huntley College of Agriculture, and Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies | LA COUNTY GOAL #10: “A sustainable and just food system that enhances access to affordable, local, and healthy food.”

FOOD WITHIN REACH envisions interconnected foodways every quarter mile across LA County conceived and built by residents in public spaces or accessible private land that can bridge capital and cultural gaps between eaters, seeders and feeders. Prototypes are being explored at Cal Poly Pomona through a partnership with the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies and the Huntley College of Agriculture with several student projects culminating in a food pantry, aquaponic food growing and a culinary garden. These projects form the foundation of a Countywide implementation strategy derived from conscious and regenerative use of plant, animal, and human resources.

Team: Aaron Fox, Assistant Professor, Plant Science Department; Steven Archambault, Associate Professor, Agribusiness and Food Industry Management Department; Kathleen Blakistone, MS Regenerative Studies; Students in urban ag minor at CPP from two classes – Urban Farm Business Models and Agribusiness Senior Feasibility Study; Culinary Garden led by Stephen Espinosa; Aquaponics Project led by Tim Rice and Aaron Thormodesen; Joaquin Perfecto; Ar C. de Castro; Jinnio Vicencio.

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