Camp Pando

Camp Pando is where young people who aren’t in school and don’t have a job go to create ingenious new projects that can make a difference to the communities where they live.

Because young Angelenos know our streets are their future

The inaugural Camp Pando cohort will go to work on a project in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District and LA Metro that grows out of this challenge:

How might regional bus stops become more than simply places to catch a ride — but portals to a sustainable and water-wise future?

Camp Pando is produced in collaboration with Learning Works Charter School and Homeboy Industries and made possible by generous support from the Metropolitan Water District.

About Camp Pando

Camp Pando is a project-centered, creative boot camp for a cohort of 8-10 unemployed young people (18-24) who are not enrolled in school but want to make a difference for equity and sustainability in the communities where they live. Camp Pando happens over a few days at a retreat location, led by a Pando team of project innovation specialists.

Together, Pando’s in-house innovators and Camp Pando attendees will work on specially-defined projects that grow out of Southland equity and sustainability themes and challenges.

The Pando team provides creative direction and mentoring focused on real-world project development for community impact.

Come to Camp Pando to learn project creation and development skills from people who have spent their lives designing change

  • get hands-on experience in project innovation, research and development, sustainability content (with a special focus on water), prototype development, narrative construction, design, project presentation, and growth strategy;
  • become involved in practical demonstrations of how ideas get translated into real-world projects that can affect local communities;
  • see how creative and practical skills relate to successful project development and careers, and
  • investigate new educational opportunities and job paths.

Build project-development skills

Camp Pando offers unique opportunities for project-based, creative skills development, opens the door to an extraordinary network of opportunity, and supports individual and community empowerment.

Attendees walk away with:

  • An ingenious “portfolio project” to include on a resume
  • Paid internship ($350)
  • Connections for green jobs
  • Mentoring
  • Professional skills development
  • Possible work opportunities or leads
  • Micro-credential in green project-based work

Work with the Pando Creative Team and plug into our professional network

Work alongside a team that comes from a broad range of entrepreneurial and creative fields, motivated by the common good. All have played key roles in Pando’s own process of project incubation, most have experience in both formal and informal education, and some have done seminal work at the

Pando fosters a broad and deep network across educational institutions, public agencies, community organizations, and business.


Camp Pando opens for application in February of 2023. The program is slated to begin in early April, with follow-up work happening immediately prior to the April 14 premiere showing of project results at the Pando Sustainability Awards at Caltech.

Open application

Project R&D

Pando Awards

Camp Pando is produced in partnership with Homeboy Industries and Learning Works Charter School:

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Camp Pando is made possible in part by the support of our generous sponsor: