California Institute of the Arts

California Institute of the Arts presents
Mushroom Lab: Developing a Regenerative Future
Experimenting with mushrooms to expand circular and regenerative agriculture and product creation.

This project puts mushrooms at the center of LA’s sustainable future, focusing especially on their regenerative potential to turn waste into assets. It asks big-picture questions: What if our buildings fed us? What role can myceliate play in the transformation of waste into food or other products? Can mushrooms be used to meet product needs of various kinds – such as paper? CalArts’ Creating Ecolibirum project is taking on these challenges, asking how artists and designers can intersect with issues of sustainability and resilience, food security, building materials, water use, waste, and soil/terra health. Looking ahead, CalArts intends to create a bio-based materials lab.

Faculty Leads:
Shannon Scrofano, Jason P (Teaching Assistant)

Michael Bailey, Louisa Fang, Maci Johnson, ByungKyu Lee, Svenja Mangold, Christina Monterrosa, Jeremy Pappas, Alessandro Rovegno, Oscar Thompson, Yucen Yao

Collaborating Partners:

Aligned LA County Sustainability Plan Goals:
Goal 1: Resilient and healthy community environments where residents thrive in place. Goal 2: Buildings and infrastructure that support human health and resilience. Goal 9: Sustainable production and consumption of resources. Goal 10: A sustainable and just food system that enhances access to affordable, local, and healthy food.

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