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Cal Poly Pomona | Foodways Connection: Mapping food resources to build food security in LA. | Goal 10: A sustainable and just food system that enhances access to affordable, local, and healthy food

Promoting food security is our goal. Los Angeles is home to the largest population of food insecure people in our nation and fortuitous distribution sites are essential. Our project identifies affordable and culturally relevant food sources for low income residents and reveals areas most in need. Our community digital tool and analog mapping systems will identify regional resources including communal kitchens, community dinners, meal distribution at medical clinics (‘food as medicine’) and transportation corridors to food sources. A food audit will reveal gaps and stitch together new connections.

Team: Kathleen Blakistone, professor, Dr. Aaron Fox, professor; Dr. Gabriel Granco, professor; Angelea Alvarez-Cendejas; Shuting Chen; Emily Frisan; Hannah Hidy; Addie Hasson; Ryan Lutz; Jessenia Martinez; Lydia Olivier; Valerie Place; Sofia Reyes; Priscilla Torres; Clement Tsang; Hung Wong; Eric Valencia

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How might we help implement remaining OurCounty LA Sustainability Plan goals, especially those related to food? Learn more.

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