Pando Days ’21

Pando Days ’21 brings together the most creative minds within higher education from the arts, humanities, sciences, and technology to tackle the biggest sustainability challenges facing Southern California.

Los Angeles County has a master plan for sustainability called OurCounty LA. The plan sets out to enrich the region through justice and community resilience. With the help of Southland colleges and universities, Pando Days takes up the challenge of helping to implement the plan.

Our inaugural program, Pando Days 2019/20 highlighted the sustainability plan as a whole, tackling issues from across the spectrum of the County’s goals. Ten ingenious initiatives developed as a result of what LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl called the “sustainability event of the year 2020.”

Pando Days ’21 builds on the approach, zeroing in on key focus needs that client-partners from across Los Angeles have identified as urgent.

How It Works

We’re inviting Southland colleges and universities to participate in addressing these needs in our 2021 program.

1. Each of the schools chooses one of the four categories we’ve identified in LA County’s sustainability plan to focus on, and submits a short description for how they propose to create an innovative solution to the problem.

2. From this pool of submissions, a total of twelve contenders are selected (three schools in each of the four categories) that we believe are the most ingenious and present the greatest potential to meet the county’s goals. Initiatives arising from schools with different areas of focus will result in unique approaches to the same challenge.

3. The twelve selected college and university teams then develop their initiatives in each of their chosen categories, culminating in dedicated courses or labs in the fall of 2021 (R&D and makerspace opportunities may be offered by Pando). The colleges will use the same brief.  While they will work independently to contribute their particular part of an overall system design, they will coordinate across teams as needed and contribute to an integrated system presentation. 

4. Pando Days ’21 will showcase all twelve projects at our Finale. Judges select four winners, one from each category. With the generous support of our sponsors, winners are given seed funding to implement their designs.

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Categories & Client-Partners


Key Partners

Produced by Pando Populus in collaboration with the CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Strategic Taskforce for LA County. Program sponsor, The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

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