Pando Days ’21

Pando Days is a program that brings together educators from the arts, humanities, sciences, and technology to tackle the biggest sustainability challenges facing LA. And asks them to talk to each other. To challenge and inspire each other. And their students. And Angelenos. And the world.

From salt-water edible gardens to large-scale green mobility, from community engagement to artificial intelligence directed to meet homeless needs, Pando Days is encouraging, fostering, and accelerating more than two dozen higher ed initiatives across Los Angeles to implement County sustainability goals. 


Los Angeles County has a master plan for sustainability called OurCounty LA.

Pando Days catalyzes higher educational institutions in the Southland to address the challenges that public agencies have identified as urgent:

Community engagement
EV test-case for LA County

Green transit
Future of movement around Pasadena

Housing homeless
Out-of-the-box solutions for LA’s Skid Row

Pocket park
Urban green space for Pico Union

Open Call
Create your own challenge


Under the Pando Days program, colleges and universities prototype innovative sustainability solutions in dedicated courses, labs, or studios over the fall of 2021.

We support their initiatives with research stipends, networking, brainstorming, consultation, and the opportunity for end-of-project seed funding.

Schools premiere their prototypes and work at the end of the year.


Sixteen submissions have been accepted for the Pando Days 2021 program from the following institutions: 

CalArts, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Lutheran, Cal State Northridge, Cal Poly Pomona, LA Trade Tech, Mount Saint Mary’s, Otis College of Art and Design, SCI-Arc, USC, and Woodbury.

Pando Days 2019/20 produced ten ingenious new initiatives, four of which got picked up by outside funders (Google and Mellon, among them), with community partners moving ahead on three additional ones.

See previous Pando Days projects to get inspired!


Pando Days is the largest effort of its kind, harnessing the creative and intellectual energies of higher ed for the common good of the LA basin.

The program is project-driven, transdisciplinary, and values-focused — toward the value of creating a thriving home.

For more information on the Pando Days ’21 program, see PROGRAM SPECS & SCHEDULE.

Pando Days ’21 Launch and Blitz!

Pando Days ’21 launched with a virtual event in early March, following the notification of more than 50 Southland colleges and universities and soliciting their participation.

Two weeks later, legendary designer John Bielenberg teamed up with Brandt Williams to lead a Pando Blitz! It was a day of design thinking unlike anything you’ve experienced before. A virtual THINKNADO!

All-school sessions and individual team workshops were designed to help the college and university teams conceive the projects they will develop over the rest of the year, and premiere in December (see Schedule).

Thank you!

Pando Days is a collaboration with the CSO Taskforce for LA County and made possible in part by The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Pando Days 2019/20 Project Reviews

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The good news.
Pando Days is succeeding.

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