The best news.
You can get involved with Pando Days.

Because, the Pando Days story isn’t about Pando. It’s about LA. It’s about Angelenos. It’s about taking on big problems. It’s about you.

So, if you can help us with resources, people, connections, advocacy, and especially funding, call us.
We’ve been looking for you.


Fund a Pando Days project that matches a County sustainability goal that you’re passionate about. Or fund a project at your alma mater or a neighborhood college or university. Or fund projects that attract the professional and student talent that your company wants to attract. Or just help with our general fund.


We’d like to talk about your or your organization’s interests and involvement in supporting Pando Days. In person or virtual. Over coffee if we can. We think it’s just about the best way for you to check us out, get your questions answered, and become involved with some of the most creative people in the County.


Know the perfect Pando Days challenge? Want to invent and develop real-life projects that matter to our future — and connect them to the Los Angeles County Sustainability Plan? We’d love to know what you’re thinking. We welcome ideas big and small that can improve the place we call home.

Example Pando Days projects your support has made possible

Cal State University Long Beach 1

COUNTY GOALS #1, #2, #5 & #6
Colorado Lagoon
Visitors engage in site-specific augmented reality experiences – interactions make the value of preserving coastal wetlands personal – heightening the desire to protect this essential resource.

Harvey Mudd/Pomona College/Cal Poly Pomona

Zeroing in on Solar
Developing a strategic plan to place non-profit solar panel factories in LA County’s under served communities.


Test Plot: Elephant Hill
Creating a viable ecosystem managed by local community stewardship on once-neglected land.

LA Trade Tech / Architecture

Watts Next: The Nature Walk
Designing a three-mile green-space pedestrian walk along the Watts train tracks to improve the neighborhood microclimate and quality of life.