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Otis College of Art and Design | Charge to Change: Marketing EV in Cudahy. | Goal 7B: Create a zero-emission transportation system. | Goal 8A: A convenient, safe, clean, and affordable transportation system that enhances mobility and quality of life while reducing car dependency.| Goal 11: Inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance that encourages participation in sustainability efforts, especially by disempowered communities.


Charge to Change is a marketing campaign that identifies a pivotal audience in Cudahy. Residents of Cudahy suffer the effects of air pollution from LA vehicles. Our design for this challenge is informed by the Cudahy strategic plan, community partners and activist organizations whose primary focus is the long-term well-being of youth and residents. Our aim is to create a marketing campaign for the City of Cudahy that will integrate images and concepts focused on safety, health and children and family to address some of EV’s greatest impediments, cost + image. We want to make EV accessible and cool.

Team: Creative Lead and Direction: Gina Valona; Branding and Student Mentor: Juli Schulz; Project Assistant: Ashley Cardosi; Student Creative Team: Ashe Ammari; Eddi Marhx-Bolanos; Mackenzie Bystrom; Nathaly Cibrian; Nathan Clement; Tyler Compton; Victoria Duong; Esmeralda Escobar; May Hoover; Michael Bae Janghwan; Gabe Kim, Isabel Kim; Kylie Komori; Wirt Qi Li; Yoko Liu; Yihan Lu; Cydney Nelson; Karilyn Ng; Andrew Sambrano; Robin Waters

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LA COUNTY CATEGORY: Transportation

How might we engage more effectively with grassroots communities on matters related to electric vehicle use? Learn more.

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