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Mount Saint Mary’s University | Mapping Cudahy’s Air: Empowering the community of Cudahy with portable air sensors to map hyperlocal patterns of particulate pollution. | Goal 7B: Create a zero-emission transportation system. | Goal 8A: A convenient, safe, clean, and affordable transportation system that enhances mobility and quality of life while reducing car dependency.| Goal 11: Inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance that encourages participation in sustainability efforts, especially by disempowered communities.

This project equips the residents of Cudahy with personal air quality sensors to create fine-scale maps of particulate pollution in their community.  Air quality affects everyone in Los Angeles but varies across time and space.  A network of portable air sensors will gather hyperlocal and hypertemporal particulate pollution in Cudahy. This data will empower the residents to assess their personal and community exposure and help advocate for change.

Team: Adriane Jones Ph.D. (Biology), professor; Jackie Filla Ph.D. (Political Science), professor; Lia Roberts Ph.D. Political Science and Director for the center of Global initiatives, professor; Sylvine Deprele Ph.D. (Chemistry and Director of the Maker’s Space), professor; and Shanika Chowdhury, Siouxsie Luna, and Deanna Solorzano.

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