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Cal State University Northridge | Open Garden: Download App. Unlock Gardens. Reimagine equitable foodscapes in Pomona. | Goal 10: A sustainable and just food system that enhances access to affordable, local, and healthy food

Open Garden (OG) maps food access in Pomona and addresses the pressing need of food insecurity. OG’s digital platform connects community gardens, farms and other key components of LA’s food system through open-access, geolocated data. By developing new mapping tools shaped to service the needs of a targeted five square mile area in Pomona, we identify geographic relationships between housing, equitable community development, biodiversity, cultural diversity and economic diversity.

Team: Richard Lee, professor; Michael Totten, professor; Natale Zappia, professor; students tba

Project details coming soon.

CSO CATEGORY: Open call/food

How might we help implement remaining OurCounty LA Sustainability Plan goals, especially those related to food? Learn more.

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