Pando Days ’22

Pando Days ’22 continues to connect Southland colleges and universities to LA County’s plan for a hopeful future by inspiring innovative and practical solutions to the challenges we face. Read more about the Pando Days program series, launched in 2018. 

In the 2022 season, Pando Days is focusing on the neighborhood.

Whose neighborhood? Yours! The area surrounding the campus — as close as the quad or up to a five-mile radius.  We’re bringing the goals of the LA County sustainability plan into your own backyard! 

We’ve selected challenges that we think will inspire imaginative solutions and bring change on a local, community level.

Yours. The birds’. Fish. Animals wandering onto freeways… Everybody needs a home. (OurCounty goals 1, 2, 5 and 6.)

Weather comes to mind but there’s water, wind, and air… the essential life currents we depend on. (OurCounty goals 3, 7 and 9.)

The arts. Healing arts. Faith. Dance. Mindfulness.  And so much more. The creative arts that enriches our lives. (OurCounty goal 6.)

Medicine. Alternative medicine. Food as medicine. Whole health. New delivery systems and more. (OurCounty goals 9 and 10.)

Apps. Talk. Media. Journalism. New tech. News. False news. Outreach to kids at risk. Cyber-attacks. It’s all around us. (OurCounty goals 1 and 12.)

See HOW IT WORKS to learn how you can get involved in Pando Days ’22 and explore the benefits. HOW IT WORKS includes 2022 application information and schedule.

Learn more about the Pando Days program series. Discover past Pando Days projects.

Pando Days ’22 events 

Pando Days ’22 offers a 9-month framework that includes a launch and project selection period in the spring, a full-suite competition event over the fall term, and end-of-project premiere events with a judged finale at the end of the season.  

Application to participate in Pando Days ’22: see page 5.

Participant Selection: Pando Days ’22 launches in the spring with outreach to fifty-some colleges and universities throughout the Southland. On April 27, we held an informational, all-school event to inform instructors and team leads about the program, timeline and how the season will unfold.  

The program application period ends May 27, at which time we will select up to 12 of the most promising proposals. Schools will be notified in June of the selected applicants.

Fall-term Competition: The competition period occurs over the fall term. We support it with a Pando Days brainstorming Blitz in September, where school teams brainstorm ideas, pick a challenge and begin to plan their work for the rest of the term.

Salons: Salon events happen during the season and focus on the Pando Days challenge themes. Salons feature leaders in education and social engagement.  

Premieres and Finale:  Pando Days ’22 projects premiere in December. Winners are announced at an awards event and Finale in January. The Finale brings together participating college and university teams, business and community leaders, and public agencies. It is a day of celebration, networking, and next-step discussions for project development.

For fuller details, listing of benefits, and complete schedule, see HOW IT WORKS.

Get involved!

Pando Days ’22 is produced in consultation with Gary Gero, Chief Sustainability Officer for Los Angeles County.

Host committee: Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Councilmember, 5th District; Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Supervisor, 3rd District.

Advisory: CSO Strategic Taskforce; Taskforce Chair Heidrun Mumper-Drumm (ArtCenter College of Design); Robyn Eason (City of West Hollywood); Dean Kubani (City of Santa Monica, ret.); Maribeth Larkin (Sisters of Social Service); Pablo La Roche (Cal Poly Pomona); Luis Navarro (Langan Engineering); Marcela Oliva (LA Trade Tech College); John Onderdonk (Caltech); Andy Shrader (City of Los Angeles), and Mark Spears (Disney, ret.).

Pando Days Team: Eugene Shirley, executive producer. Judith Parker, co-executive producer. Katherine Miller, special projects. Shelley Goldstein, event producer. In collaboration with Alexi Caracotsios and Betsy Hunter. John Bielenberg, creative director. Rich Binell, writer. Michael Braley, graphic designer. Marc O’Brien, design strategist. Brandt Williams, Thinknado. Fundraising committee: Liz Tesolin Hamilton, Vickere Murphy, and Rebecca Schmitt.

Thank you!

Pando Days ‘22 is produced in collaboration with the CSO Taskforce for LA County.

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