PD ’22 Blitz

“Think of a Blitz as an opportunity to Think Wrong, when thinking right no longer works.” – John Bielenberg

Blitz to unleash creativity. Spark your bravest ideas.

A Blitz is what we call the Pando brainstorming model designed to generate a firehose of ideas within project teams and help them creatively confront their biggest challenges. 

The genius of a Blitz lies in its people. Blitzes celebrate the spirit of innovation that results from intersecting diversities. (On diversity and innovation, see The Medici Effect).

Grounded in design thinking, a Blitz gives teams the tools they need for effective brainstorming long after the event itself is over.

The Pando Days ‘22 Blitz happened September 10, 2022, with some 60 Pando Days fellows, students, and sponsors gathering to brainstorm projects for the fall term

We brought students and instructors together with the greatest diversity we can find –  intellectuals, businesspeople, sustainability professionals, people from creative fields, and more to focus on knotty challenges and innovate past them.  

This year’s blitz was led by design legend John Bielenberg and Brandt Williams. 

To learn more, see the following deck for this year’s event.