Student voices from Pando Days

We Are Pando is a documentary short film by Lyn Goldfarb about the students behind the Pando Days ’22 projects. Click here to view.

Student voices from Pando Days

By   |  Apr. 25, 2023

We Are Pando, a documentary short film by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb, features interviews with participating students from the Pando Days ‘22 season. Forty-nine students were interviewed from participating colleges and universities across LA County.

The film premiered at the Pando Days ’22 Awards at Caltech, April 16, with three special showings.

“It blew my mind,” said Dana Dakin, who traveled from the Bay Area specifically to attend the event. 

“The film gives something you cannot get from any other medium. I got a feeling for the personalities involved in the projects and knew they were talking my language.  I’d never felt the impact of such a diverse body.  It was like we were boarding the same train and had the potential for critical mass.  

“The Pando model generates for me a picture that progress on the ground can be made.”

Attendees at the Pando Days ’22 Awards, April 16, 2023, watch the premiere screening of We Are Pando. Photograph copyright (c) 2023 Cyndi Bemel.

We Are Pando tells the story of Pando Days from the perspective of student participants. It is astonishing for the range of learners who are willing to frame their educational experience in terms of working for a better tomorrow.

Filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb is legendary in the LA documentary film world. Among a lifetime of productions to her credit is the prime-time PBS film on LA Mayor Tom Bradley.

Please click below to view (12 min.).

Members of the Pando writing team include Rich Binell, Alexi Caracotsios, Amy Goldberg, Rebecca Schmitt, and Eugene Shirley.