Carson Garden

A new master plan aims to Pando a two-acre site in Carson for urban eco-agriculture, education, and culture. Pando named Stephen White Middle School as a Pando Hub, and presented the Garden Plan to the Community at the Carson Veterans’ Day celebration on November 11! The dedicated team of partners in Carson is working on grants and seeking community partners to make the garden a reality.

LAUSD has already stepped up their efforts on behalf of the school, and the first of the demolition to make way for the new design is now complete. A key centerpiece of the plan, the amphitheater, is scheduled for completion by April, when the National STEAM meeting will be held at the school. STEAM is the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math program that is helping students nationwide to succeed in today’s economy. Stephen White is the only STEAM accredited middle school in California, and the new and improved garden will help them show their pride to the nation!

Watch the Carson Community Garden Story

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The community garden at Stephen White Middle School in the City of Carson is a place that has already brought together a wonderful and diverse mix of Carson’s residents to tend small garden plots and participate in community events. But dilapidated buildings, unused animal pens (the site was once the location of a school agriculture program), and general-use storage make large sections the area under-utilized. Before serious improvements can be made, a master plan is needed for the entire two acres, integrating a vision that includes agriculture, education, and culture. The Plan has now been finished and submitted, enabling the school to seek funding from the school system and corporate partners in Carson.