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FROM HERE TO THERE IN 2045: Reimagining Transportation
A bold vision to move away from a car centric culture through sustainable mobility solutions with Long Beach as a case study.

Peer-to-peer education and innovation for sustainability professionals drawn from LA County’s 88 cities.

COUNTY GOALS #5, #7, & #11
Climate Migration and Faith
Developing a communication and action plan that church leaders can use to mobilize community engagement on the challenges of climate migration.

Blog Posts

The Futility of Symbolic Environmentalism

Like offering a band-aid for a bullet wound, Michael Goldberg argues that individual lifestyle changes may be little more than moral signifiers in the fight against climate change. For Goldberg such symbolic gestures are out of their depth when faced with the mounting material concerns of a global disaster.

Defending the Boundary Waters

Joseph Goldstein explains why the fight for our planet is "all about the small steps forward...about getting back up despite setbacks, about consistently showing up, and about staying even when you’re discouraged," like the defense he and his peers have mounted on behalf of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The EPA, US and Me

The EPA reinvented itself and began seeing the world through the eyes of polluters. The choice was stark: change or die.

Why Care About Greece?

The history of a world composed of nation states has not been a pretty one. Why should we care? It is not promising that governments are ceasing to be sovereign. It is hard to expect transnational corporations to make the decisions needed to save the habitability of the planet.