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ArtCenter College of Design presents
From Here to There in 2045: Reimagining Transportation
A bold vision to move away from a car centric culture through sustainable mobility solutions with Long Beach as a case study.

What might transportation be like in 20 years? This project goes to Long Beach to find out and sketches a vision that can be used to inform policy discussions, professional development, and community-based engagement and educational outreach. Based on research and analysis of the city’s infrastructure, the project explores a day in the life of residents of Long Beach as they travel to work, school and recreational activities and analyzes their transportation needs. The project offers new models of living, working, and economic development – from neighborhood revitalization and climate impact mitigation strategies to small business development in a more localized economy. The project compels us to think about a broad range of transportation alternatives, including re-imagining of how the Port of Long Beach can be reconfigured with ecological and health considerations.

Faculty Lead:
Lucian Rosca

Eshan Bidwai, Anshdeep Malhotra, Nick Polyzoides, Batuhan Sutbeyaz

Aligned LA County Sustainability Plan Goals:
Goal 1: Resilient and healthy community environments where residents thrive in place. Goal 4: A prosperous LA County that provides opportunities for all residents and businesses and supports the transition to a green economy. Goal 6: Accessible parks, beaches, recreational waters, public lands, and public spaces that create opportunities for respite, recreation, ecological discovery, and cultural activities. Goal 7: A fossil-free LA County. Goal 8: A convenient, safe and affordable transportation system that enhances mobility while reducing car dependency. Goal 9: Sustainable production and consumption of resources. Goal 11: Inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance that encourages participation in sustainability efforts, especially by disempowered communities.

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