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| LA COUNTY GOAL # 11: “Inclusive, transparent and accountable governance that encourages participation in sustainability efforts, especially by disempowered communities.”

OurCounty LA GREEN MAP & GO is a mobile app that helps users find and map green resources and facilitates action. The app gives constituents in LA County a common knowledge, language, iconography and creative tool to participate in the mapping process to identify assets, resources and the Green Map System that are already in play.

GREEN MAP &GO follows the proposed T.I.A. governance structure which gets everyone in LA County on the same page in terms of organizational structure — from neighborhood, city and county to the UN’s SDGs – and builds upon the LA County iconography, critical for developing transparency and buy-in. By embedding a game in the app, it solves the problem of data aggregation and user engagement. We’re including a Points and Rewards System users can redeem with participating vendors, businesses or even utility companies (think American Express or Starbucks Coffee Apps).

Team: Gina Valona, professor; Juli Schulz, mentor, Derek Prado, teacher assistant; Mark Barsoum, Benjamin Dynes; Katherine Han; Nick Farzan; Eunji Kim; Jerome Nyunt; Brianna Saenz; Jazmin Salas.

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