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Mobilizing L.A.’s Transportation Future
Reimagining city space on a human scale, through a holistic transportation system that eliminates traffic, saves energy and provides equitable point to point access.

FROM HERE TO THERE IN 2045: Reimagining Transportation
A bold vision to move away from a car centric culture through sustainable mobility solutions with Long Beach as a case study.

Prototype to incarnate the vision of Pope Francis’s “integral ecology” at the Maryknoll Monrovia campus.

COUNTY GOALS #5, #7, & #11
Climate Migration and Faith
Developing a communication and action plan that church leaders can use to mobilize community engagement on the challenges of climate migration.

Blog Posts

The Futility of Symbolic Environmentalism

Like offering a band-aid for a bullet wound, Michael Goldberg argues that individual lifestyle changes may be little more than moral signifiers in the fight against climate change. For Goldberg such symbolic gestures are out of their depth when faced with the mounting material concerns of a global disaster.

Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home

Pope Francis’ bold clarion call in Laudato Si’ is passionate but also thoughtful and undogmatic in exemplary ways. Even while summonsing the best conclusions and consensus of the scientific community, there is a tone of humility and a recognition that knowledge is always partial and emergent.

What and When Exxon Knew

ExxonMobil's online defense appeals for confidence in its “scientific and engineering mindset.” It’s because of mindsets like this that we need a new worldview.

Covering the Climate

"Very few regrets, I thought, except this one: that we had not done justice to this huge, overshadowing, overwhelming issue of...Climate Change." -- Alan Rusbridger, Guardian

Civilization to Holocaust

The “modern” world quickly abandoned Greek wisdom. Seventeenth-century scientists constructed a machine out of the sacred natural world and cosmos of the Greeks. Even humans started thinking like machines.

Tell the Truth about Climate?

Should climate scientists frankly tell the public just how dire the situation is? On this question, there are differences of opinion within the climate community.

Earth Is One. World, Not Yet

Marilyn Hempel on population: "We're still adding about 220,000 people a day. The question is: what will be left, of civil society and of the non-human world, by the time human population finally stops growing."