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ArtCenter College of Design | Mobilizing L.A.’s Transportation Future: Reimagining city space on a human scale, through a holistic transportation system that eliminates traffic, saves energy and provides equitable point to point access. | Goal 7: A fossil-free LA County. | Goal 8: A convenient, safe and affordable transportation system that enhances mobility while reducing car dependency.

Transportation Design

This project proposes a bold vision for the future mobility of the LA metro area in the year 2050. Setting goals for the 2028 Olympics as a first step, the project seeks to promote transportation design as a strategy to enrich and connect communities. It will explore ways to make transportation an equitable, affordable and sustainable system for the area’s residents and economy. The plan envisions infrastructural changes, suggesting a fundamental re-conception of city space, and opportunities for further development of parks, housing, public amenities, and natural conservation areas, identifying strategic partnerships that could make these goals a reality.

Team: Lucian Rosca, Professor of Graduate Transportation Systems and Design; Giulia Amoresano, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Graduate Transportation Systems and Design; Aravind Aanand; Lakshmy Narayan; Luke Pezzimenti; Enea Sernesi

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Yours. The built environment. The birds’. Animals wandering onto freeways… The home we all share.

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