Aubrey Burgess

Aubrey Burgess was a Fellow at the Pando at Maryknoll campus during the 2019-20 period. She came as a recent graduate of the University of Kansas where she had studied under John Bielenberg and took part in his Think Wrong Institute. Aubrey holds a BFA in Design and a minor in Art History.

Aubrey helped oversee the entirety of the work of Pando at Maryknoll and served as the on-campus point person. She designed materials for communications and education outreach for the Magenta House initiative, an LA County-based program teaching DIY methods to reduce power and water usage.

She worked as a part of the original Pando Day’s team to facilitate its launch with 10 colleges and universities. Aubrey also acted as Pando’s principal photographer for many different and related events.

Aubrey stated, “As a designer, I am grateful for the opportunities I was granted in engaging with creatives from LA higher educational institutions. To watch a project like Pando Days 2019/2020 from start to finish was incredible.” 

The foldout for the Magenta House structure designed by Aubrey.

However, her Fellowship meant so much more as she also spent time forming meaningful relationships with the sisters on campus. She always “cherished fielding their questions” and was always “excited to hear” what they had to say.

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To explore more of her work as a designer, visit her website here.