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CREATING ECOLIBRIUM: A mobile performance stage for community engagement.

CONFLUENCE: The Turtle Connection
A novel multi-sensory experience telling the story of endangered green sea turtles at the confluence of San Gabriel River and Coyote Creek.

COUNTY GOALS #1, #2 & #3
Training the Next Generation
Producing a podcast series that shares the wisdom and experience of environmental leaders across generations.

Design by Community: A unique tool kit to catalyze community participation in the design of public space.

Prototype to incarnate the vision of Pope Francis’s “integral ecology” at the Maryknoll Monrovia campus.

AI: FUTURE OF HOUSING: Employing artificial intelligence to map affordable housing opportunities and match construction resources.

Blog Posts

Defending the Boundary Waters

Joseph Goldstein explains why the fight for our planet is "all about the small steps forward...about getting back up despite setbacks, about consistently showing up, and about staying even when you’re discouraged," like the defense he and his peers have mounted on behalf of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.