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FOOD WITHIN REACH: Foodways every quarter mile across the County.

WE ARE THE SEA: Engaging families and neighborhoods with local waterways.

Bringing LA’s communities together to focus on issues raised by Pope Francis.

BIOPHILIA TREEHOUSE: Linking birds and people at the tree level.

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Deposit Trash Here

What would happen if every design school brought JUNK BATTLE! to the classroom? Onto their campuses? Imagine students, primed for learning and eager to get their hands dirty, getting a first-hand look at their footprint on the world.

Making Los Angeles the Resilient City by 2028

Pando Populus recently accepted and strengthened the idea of using the upcoming Los Angeles Olympics as an occasion to set high but not impossible goals for LA. With sincere backing from institutions and individuals I believe these goals could move LA a long way in the direction of becoming a model for an ecological civilization.