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Californian Lutheran University | Safe Passages: Creating a Wildlife Corridor: Constructing a wildlife corridor connecting urban edges to wildlands by reintroducing native plants to attract local animals. | Goal 5: Thriving ecosystems, habitats and biodiversity.

Habitat Restoration

Safe Passages creates a wildlife corridor on the riparian zone connecting adjacent wildlands with the urban environment of the Cal Lutheran campus. Working with their innovative seed garden, the project is reintroducing native plants which will attract local wildlife. Initial restoration of the corridor began at a campus event where approximately 30 students participated in cultivating 150 plants, trees and shrubs – initiating the creation of a new ecosystem. Placing this restoration corridor on campus will advance the educational and sustainability goals of the university.

Team: Professor Robert Dull, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences; Mahmoud Salimi, Department of Film and Television; Manuel Hernandez; Shannon Worley; John East; Mariel Facunia; Isaiah Reitan; Joshua Nekoba; Pablo George; Alberto Ayala; Gavin Baarts; Anna Bello; Jenna Benton; Sirena Borja; Sophie Breuil; Jacob Butler; Aaliyah Casas; Amanda Costello; Kaileia Delacruz; Jeremy Ellis; Ellieana Flores; Miah Foust; Luisa Garcia; Mary Ann Harrison; Hannah Heim; Elle Jarrett; Estefania Landeros; Matthew Lizarde; Jaymee Magana; Chris May; Brianna Miller; Angel Prado; Michael Richardson; Nicholas Schad; Rayne Selhorst; Sydney Shin; Anthony Smets; Parker Smith; Hudson Solters; Sara Topliff; Iris Torres; Dani Tran; Charles Trask; Sharisse Ubando; Jaida Villanueva; Griffin Zitko

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