Flowers for Sick People

More flowers for nurses.

Flowers for Sick People

By   |  Mar. 27, 2020

Editor’s note: Artist Tucker Nichols, long-time member of the Pando team, has launched a public health campaign to send flowers to anyone who could really use them, whether they have the coronavirus or any other malady. Nurses, doctors and other heroes are also eligible. He promises to make an original drawing and deliver it by mail. This is a free service. And, I might add, an extraordinary act of generosity and kindness. To find out more, go here.

Hi friends,

Like all of you, I’ve found myself struggling to process our new global reality. The range of thoughts and feelings over the course of a single day makes me dizzy. I’ve found solace, if not clarity, in drawing flowers for certain segments of the community at large.

It’s an odd time to send a newsletter, but we need as much art and connectivity as we can get, and sharing this project feels better than not sharing it. If you want more sharing, follow on Instagram or Facebook as I add new drawings.

Take care everyone,

Flowers for those of us who woke up this morning and thought for a moment that it was a normal day.
Tucker Nichols is artist-in-residence at Pando Populus and lives in northern California.

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