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REPURPOSING LAND: A Toolkit for Green Alleys | LOS ANGELES TRADE TECHNICAL COLLEGE/Architecture, In association with PUHC Puede Center | COUNTY GOAL # 4: “A prosperous LA County that provides opportunities for all residents and businesses and supports the transition to a green economy.”

REPURPOSING LAND reimagines Los Angeles’s blighted and neglected alleyways as vibrant and resilient public spaces for community education, participation, and economic development with solutions for water, air, energy, and recyclables.

Team: Marcela Oliva, Professor; Mathew Aguirre; Mata Bruck; Christopher Centes; Santiago Dinora; Dru Farnham; Clifford Francis; Marina Frumol; Haily Gidy; G Jay; Garrett Johnson; Mathew Megill; Kelly Lopez; Angelica Reyes; Dalia Sedano; Tatiana Steward; Michelle Villeda; Anique Villegas; Patricha Williams.

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