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ArtCenter College of Design | Upping Our Recycling Game: Designing an innovative suite of products to reduce waste and promote sustainability through durability, longevity and repurposing. | Goal 4: A prosperous LA County that provides opportunities for all residents and businesses and supports the transition to a green economy. | Goal 9: Sustainable production and consumption of resources.

Product Design

Why does it seem like so much of our recycling still ends up in the trash? This project takes a holistic approach toward the design, production and disposal of the things we use. Five student teams are designing prototypes of commonly used products with the goal of pairing real-world functionality with more ecologically sustainable implementation at all stages of the products’ life. In addition to the prototypes, the teams are creating recycling toolkits for their products, enabling users to take apart, cut up, clean, and sort their waste simply and appropriately according to recycling guidelines, providing a template for how design can be used to promote waste reduction.

Team: Jonathan Abarbanel, Professor of Product Design; Heidrun Mumper-Drumm, Professor and Director, Sustainability Initiatives; Team Outdoorsmen: Simon Jun Nak Choi; William Sancho; Team Nutridesign: Joy Cal; Liam O’Rourke; Sunny Yang; Team HAS: Cathy Chen; Z Ren; Zachary Warwas; Team Originators: Lucy Lue; Yiyuan Tang; Doris Tao; Team Orange Boys: Christian Kang; Johnny Ye

Community partners: Athens Disposal

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