Magenta House

Magenta House helps owners and renters alike remake their homes across Los Angeles Council District 5 into models of power efficiency and water conservation on a do-it-yourself basis. We call them “Magenta Houses” for the way they serve as stand-out markers of a resilient future.

Magenta Houses are the result of a volunteer corps of trained do-it-yourselfers and specialist advisors working together in old fashioned barn-raising style to make water- and power-wise building and landscape improvements happen in a flash — on location as the times allow with physical makeover events, or virtually with the help of the Magenta House Squad for support.

Magenta House launched from the Pando at Maryknoll accelerator in 2018 with a pop-up structure for educational outreach, in-home makeover demonstrations, and the UseMore promotional campaign prototyped for Council District 5. In the spring of 2020, the initiative relaunched from a wholly virtual base at

Magenta House Pop-Up

The Magenta House pop-up helps families improve their homes with educational outreach teaching DIY power efficiency and water conservation solutions.

Leverages community to get the job done. We unite the strength of old, established communities (like faith-based) with all the creativity of younger ones (say, communities of designers) to come together around big challenges. The synergies will be surprising – and amazing.

Magenta House Makeovers

Magenta House makeover events help owners and renters alike convert their homes for resiliency.

Magenta House makeover events create specific and highly visible models of neighborhood change. By specific, we mean hyper-local street addresses. By visible, we mean places that stand out and signal a different kind of future – one that’s more water- and power-conscious and prepared for a resilient future.

Use More Campaign

Our Use More Water and Power campaign was about communicating the opposite!

Communicates about deadly serious matters with a light touch. We are fond of quoting the marketing genius Alex Bogusky, who maintains that behavioral change has to be fun or else “nobody is going to do it.”

Key Partners

MAGENTA HOUSE is made possible by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and produced in association with Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz (Council District 5). The Magenta House pop-up structure was designed by John Bielenberg and built by Pasadena City College Fabrication Lab. Go here for full team listing.