Magenta House – Events

Magenta House pop-up events educate families on remaking their homes into models of power efficiency and water conservation — all on a do-it-yourself basis. We call them “Magenta Houses” for the way they’re neighborhood stand-outs of a resilient future.

The Magenta House program, conceived in the Water & Power Blitz, launched as a series of public events for community and family education: pop-up events and makeovers.

Magenta House Pop-up Events

Fun for the entire family, the Magenta House pop-up is an educational exhibit focused on DIY power efficiency and water conservation solutions.

Large-scale public events feature a Dr. Seuss-like Magenta House demonstration structure as the centerpiece of water and power education. The House pops up at community locations to exhibit everything you need to know about making your home over with water and power conservation and efficiency in mind.

The pop-up structure is designed for family fun and learning about everything from rain barrels and shower heads to lightbulbs, smart power strips, and insulation.

Magenta House Makeover Events

Magenta House makeover events help owners and renters alike convert their homes for water and power resilience.

Magenta House makeover events are hosted in-home neighborhood sustainability events — like Tupperware parties, but focused on learning how to make your home more energy efficient and water-wise rather than trying to sell you anything.

Here, water and power experts gather with neighbors for in-home demonstrations of do-it-yourself sustainability solutions.

Makeover events target homeowners and renters alike.

Key Partners

MAGENTA HOUSE is made possible by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and produced in association with Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz (Council District 5). The Magenta House pop-up structure was designed by John Bielenberg and built by Pasadena City College Fabrication Lab. Magenta House launched from the Pando at Maryknoll accelerator in 2018. Go here for full team listing.

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