Magenta House Accelerator

The Magenta House Accelerator is a project development environment for middle school students looking to create competitive water-wise and power-conscious projects for the Expo. Learn more at

The Magenta House Accelerator is designed to help middle school students showcase their best and most competitive innovations for water conservation and power efficiency at the Magenta House Expo. It is the first time that a full-range project accelerator has been coupled with a science fair-like opportunity for sustainability.

The program offers a professionally-developed framework that bases student innovation and social entrepreneurship in project-based learning from beginning to end.

In the Accelerator, students conceive, manage, and present their ideas for bold new initiatives that address the Expo challenge:  

How might we create a critical mass of water-wise and power-conscious homes and buildings that serve as a stand-out example for the Southland? 

The Accelerator supports innovative work in any of three areas related to water and power conservation and efficiency: 1) new tools or technology; 2) new programs or systems; or 3) new communications campaigns. 

GO HERE to see student work from the 2022 Accelerator for the 2022 Expo and find out who won!

The Accelerator comes fully-equipped with:

–teacher and student guides; 

–a specially-created project management system to help students track progress with their projects from beginning to end;

–education modules in project development and implementation;

–mentors and specialist advisors to inform student work, and

–student project funding to underwrite costs up to a cap. 

Go to for fuller details. See below, or read the presentation deck for a deeper dive.

Fifty-nine homes going Magenta is just the beginning! Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz, center left, with chief environmental policy aide Andy Shrader, center right, and the Magenta House Squad.

The Magenta House Accelerator and Expo are part of a broad education program first launched as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) program for water conservation and power efficiency.

The program began by targeting family and community education across Los Angeles Council District 5.

Under the original program, 59 homes became Magenta – meaning that owners and renters alike have completed whole-home water and power assessments of their residences, developed plans for significantly lowering their water and power use, and begun implementing sustainability measures.

With our Accelerator and Expo program, we are building on the success of the Magenta House history but extending it – by empowering youth to engage hands-on with local challenges and problem-solving at the community level.

The Accelerator is designed to integrate with existing science, sustainability, English, civics, service learning, and other curricula and fit with a range of learning levels and needs.

The program may be used in-whole or in-part. It may be implemented virtually, in-person, or in hybrid settings. We support both formal and informal learning environments.

For more information, download the deck! Questions? Write:

The Magenta House Accelerator and Expo were developed in collaboration with the Office of LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

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