Magenta House – Resources

Magenta House Do-It-Yourself program on water conservation and power efficiency is the most family- and kid-friendly program out there for making the world a greener — er, more Magenta-ish — place. 

We offer everything a family needs to know about building a resilient future, starting with their own home. In 2020, the full range of Magenta House resources went online.

Ready to launch your own water-saving and power-efficient future?

And it made a difference.

Fifty-nine westside Angeleno families found here the tools they need to take control over their own carbon footprint and water use.

And 59 homes going Magenta is just the beginning.

Our Magenta House strategy for changing the world puts families and kids at the center of it all. offers: 

  • Two ways you can help turn the world Magenta – by focusing on your own home, or by helping others with theirs.  
  • Support:  our experts and members of the Magenta House Squad help make sure that everyone committed to turning their homes Magenta get the quality information they need, when they need it, along with all the direction and support that behavioral change requires.
  • Educational outreach:  rich, accessible content and practical tools, including 23 unique articles on DIY water and power solutions. 
  • Room-by-room home assessment and planning
  • And more!

Ready to make a difference in your own home? Take your first steps.

Do it with the kids. Kids, rope in your parents! 

Get started!

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