Water & Power Blitz

WATER & POWER BLITZ focuses interfaith cooperation on building resilient communities in Los Angeles Council District 5. We do it in a prototype initiative that brings LA’s diverse faith traditions together to target a wicked challenge: changing behavior on water and power.

Working together over 3 months, we develop ingenious education and communications strategies. Kick-start what works. In the process, we thicken the connective tissue between LA’s faith traditions and harness their ability to create greater self-sufficiency and resiliency.

Knowledge is out there that could create a more resilient LA. But changing deeply entrenched behavior isn’t easy. The challenge runs deep. Thinking “right” won’t solve the problem.

We’ve got to think wrong.

“Thinking wrong” means being out of step, though not being out of focus. The out-of-step thinker is simply marching to the drum beat of a different drummer with a different beat…and gives us a new understanding that leaves us standing. –The Rev. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray

The Plan

We work with 12 of the most creative changemakers we can find from 6 faith communities in CD5 over a 3-month period.

We produce 3 day-long Think Wrong Blitzes that aim to change the game in terms of LA’s resiliency, focused for test-case purposes on water and power efficiency. Imagine TED meets design school meets hackathon meets innovation black belts. Imagine coming up with solutions together that can’t be conceived alone. You’ve just imagined a Think Wrong Blitz.

Change-makers then take the innovations back to their faith community “labs” and put them to the test. We support with materials, brainstorming, networking, and follow-through.

Results include a portfolio of disruptive small bets to make LA more resilient and self-sufficient in terms of water and power. Trained talent pool ready to lead on local resiliency efforts. Functioning faith-based labs of ecological innovation and experimentation, with Think Wrong techniques.


WATER BLITZ is the first in a three-part WATER AND POWER BLITZ series. Our challenge is to bring faith communities together to change the game on Los Angeles resiliency.


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POWER BLITZ is the second in a three-part WATER AND POWER BLITZ series, made possible by LADWP and produced in association with LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz. Our challenge is to bring faith communities together to change the game on Los Angeles resiliency – focused in this event on power conservation and use.


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Water and Power Blitz is a project of the Los Angeles United Methodist Urban Foundation, now in its 34th year focusing on youth, education, wellness, and jobs.

Co-facilitated by Secret Project, California College of the Arts.

Managing Partner Pando Populus is a 501(c)3 producer of resources, connections, and innovations for a more ecological Los Angeles County. Eugene Shirley is founding president and a long-time entrepreneur in “serious” media. Founding chairperson is the philosophical theologian John B. Cobb, Jr. Betsy Hunter is WATER AND POWER BLITZ producer.

Think Wrong Blitz facilitator John Bielenberg has helped clients with design and innovation across diverse organizations, from the White House Office of Innovation to Microsoft, Starbucks, UC Berkeley, and his ongoing Think Wrong Student Initiative: Project M.

Water and Power Blitz is made possible by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and produced in association with Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz (Council District 5).