UseMore Campaign

UseMore is a publicity campaign of our Magenta House program that’s focused on getting consumers of water and power not to use more but to do the exact opposite and use less!

UseMore communicates about deadly serious matters with a light touch.  

Marketing genius Alex Bogusky maintains that behavioral change has to be fun or else “nobody is going to do it.” 

So UseMore is a campaign we’ve had a lot of fun with, including t-shirts that read, “Use more water [or power]. It’s fine.” On the back of the shirt we make it clear, using more is NOT fine! And send people to our URL to learn more.

We know from firsthand experience that wearing one of these to your local grocery store, church or temple will spark half a dozen conversations – which is the point. 

People have become dead to earnest messaging. So we’re doing the opposite. It’s like shock therapy to get folks talking, and listening.

Once we get someone’s attention, we explain that of course we don’t mean what we say. Using more and more of the Earth’s precious resources is utterly insane. We’re just trying to find a way, any way, to be heard. And then have a meaningful conversation.

Our UseMore campaign includes lots of conversation starters, including:

  • our website
  • UseMore water, or power, t-shirts, with a clothing tag you’ll want to keep, and
  • UseMore promotional material that ties directly to Magenta House.

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