Magenta House Expo

Calling all 6th-8th grade students to showcase water-wise and power-conscious projects developed during the course of the school year! Participate in the Magenta House Expo for the chance to receive broad recognition, awards and a share in $5,000 prize money for your school or organization. Don’t miss out! Find out more at

The Magenta House Expo showcases projects designed to meet this challenge:  

How might we create a critical mass of water-wise and power-conscious homes and buildings that serve as a stand-out example for the City? 

GO HERE to see student submissions for the 2022 Expo and find out who won!

The Expo is the first-of-its kind science fair-like opportunity for sustainability that’s coupled with a full-range project accelerator. The Magenta House Accelerator is designed to give students all the help they need to develop their best and most competitive innovations for water conservation and power efficiency. It supports student innovation from beginning to end.

Expo projects will be accepted in three categories of water- and power-saving innovation:

  • New tools or technology;
  • New programs or systems, and
  • New approaches in communications.

Expo criteria for project assessment: Innovation (new approaches) and/or creativity (execution of ideas), 25%. Implementation strategy and viability, 25%. Impact assessment – qualitative and quantitative, real and predicted, 25%. Opportunities for scale, 25%.

We encourage students interested in making Expo submissions to take full advantage of the Magenta House Accelerator, in whole or in part, to better ensure a competitive project. Projects may be submitted on an independent basis, however, and need not be developed in the Accelerator to be eligible for Expo entry.

Both Magenta House Expo and Accelerator are designed to fit with a range of learning levels and needs. Any portion of the Magenta House program may be used in-whole or in-part and implemented virtually, in-person, or in hybrid settings.

We are open to a full range of learning environments, including formal and informal settings (say, church or temple, Scouts, etc.) and flexibly support individual school and classroom schedules.

Go to for fuller information. Read the presentation deck for details.

Magenta House programs are produced in collaboration with the Office of LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz and made possible by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

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