Watershed Docents

A ground-breaking initiative, the Docent Training on LA’s Watersheds program aims to help Angelenos better understand their relationship to the great geologic features of the southern California landscape, focusing especially on the watersheds of the Los Angeles, Rio Hondo and San Gabriel rivers that nourish the “Emerald Necklace.”

The Emerald Necklace is a green infrastructure of parks and trails that fan out from the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel rivers and stretch from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. It is the initiative of Amigos de los Rios in collaboration with local, state, federal, public and private entities.

Produced in collaboration with Amigos, the program will eventually target the learning needs of students, volunteers and others who visit any four locations along the Emerald Necklace network. It will also lay a foundation for the next generation of SoCal leaders who will be empowered by a deeper knowledge of and feeling of connectedness with the environmental lifeblood of the region: its watersheds.

Collaborators we brought together for this initiative included the Huntington Library and Gardens and volunteer support from the Audubon Society and area schools. (Fall 2016)


  • Peck Road Water Conservation Park
  • Madrid Middle School
  • Gibson Mariposa Butterfly Park
  • Whittier Narrows

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