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WE ARE THE SEA: Ocean Engagement Ring | CAL STATE LONG BEACH, Immersive Design Research Lab | LA COUNTY GOAL #6: “Accessible parks, beaches, recreational waters, public lands and public spaces that create opportunities for respite, recreation, ecological discovery and cultural activities.”

WE ARE THE SEA engages an urban ocean city, where stewardship is a family affair. A place where you protect that which you love and find joy and magic in the power of the sea. We will take you there, people-powered and people-empowered, along a bike path that rings the city. Starting in some of the County’s most diverse neighborhoods, kids and families will learn as they ride along two rivers, and engage as they play in the bay, splash in the ocean, build on the beaches, sail at the marina, explore at the aquarium, and discover in the wetlands — making memories that last a lifetime.

If you’ve never experienced it, if you don’t know it, if you’ve never touched it, how can you love it? We know the ocean is in jeopardy and we’re ready to mobilize generations to un-do the damage done. Through indifference or inaction, we’ve allowed the rivers to transport garbage to the sea and damage sea life, we’ve stood by as toxins from across the region make our waters unsafe, and we’ve granted power to others to regulate – as we’ve given up responsibility. Yet, we are inseparable from the ocean, it is our livelihood, our lifeblood, our joy; it gives us a sense of awe, and connection to the world – and we’re taking it back.

As we move kids and families along the waterways to touch and learn and play, we reclaim these resources. When we integrate and empower them as stewards of the ocean, we all make a commitment, make a promise represented by a never-ending ring of ocean engagement – we are the sea… and together, we’re magic.

Follow the progress of WE ARE THE SEA on the website. See YouTube channel for new project-related videos.

Team: Heather Barker, professor; Jinny Choe; Jennifer Hicks; Lilian Lim; Betsabeh Yeganeh; Caryn Hoang; Rachael Pang; Joseluis Santillan; Ryuna Yunagi; Nolan Havig; Joshua Ian; Kai Craig; Michael LaForte; Bonny Bentzin, Pando expert.

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