Pasadena City College

RESILIENCE PROJECT | Pasadena City College, Visual Arts and Media Studies/3D Animation | County goal #1: “Resilient and healthy community environments where residents thrive in place.”

The RESILIENCE PROJECT is a virtual landscape that explores new ways of encouraging preparedness and fostering community resilience. The initiative uses art and interaction technologies to create an environment for games, media archives, and virtual reality meditations that explore the many iterations of resilience, both on practical and personal terms. The Resilience Project is an exploratory tool for disaster preparedness while rethinking how information can be experienced.

For background information, see the Resilience Project’s research bibliography.

Team: Silvia Rigon, professor; Gigie Hall; Crystal Brackett; Timothy James Jardiel; Dylan Ricards; Hongyu Cui; Kenderson Revanche.

Premiere Presentation

Presentation Materials



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