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California State University, Long Beach | Visions of the Long Beach Breakwater: Augmented Reality Experience: Community engagement through augmented reality – envisioning a sustainable future where natural waterway processes are disrupted. | Goal 1: Resilient and healthy community environments where residents thrive in place. | Goal 2: Buildings and infrastructure that support human health and resilience. | Goal 5: Thriving ecosystems, habitats, and biodiversity. | Goal 6: Accessible parks, beaches, recreational waters, public lands, and public spaces that create opportunities for respite, recreation, ecological discovery, and cultural activities.

Public Awareness

The Long Beach Breakwater, in place since 1949, was built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It was authorized for construction to protect the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet and the Long Beach Shoreline. The 2.2 mile long breakwater’s protections also have a negative impact on water quality, ecosystem conservation, and recreation; prior to construction, Long Beach was a surfing hotspot. Despite substantial efforts to have the breakwater removed, the most recent decisions have established that it will remain in place. This project recognizes the current reality without diminishing the ongoing environmental impact of the Long Beach Breakwater. By going into the community, engaging with activists and residents, we have developed Visions of the Long Beach Breakwater: Augmented Reality Experience. This digital twin 3D modeling testing space also supports existing efforts to envision strategies for supporting an ecologically responsible environment around the breakwater. As an Augmented Reality project is intended to engage and empower the local community – pushing for responsible breakwater and environmental management to reduce harm to the surrounding ecosystem. We provide a space to develop visions of healthy interactions at the urban ocean interface – looking for community-driven solutions as the demands of human commerce and security compete with the well-being of the environment.

Team: Heather Barker, Professor of Design, Lead PI and Director of the Immersive Design Research Lab; Bryan Dinh; Precious Chibueze; Carissa Thompson

Community partners: Surfriders, Algalita, ThinkEarth, Ocean Blue Project

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Weather comes to mind. But there’s sun, wind and air. Rain, water… the essential life currents we depend on.

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