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Upping Our Recycling Game
Designing an innovative suite of products to reduce waste and promote sustainability through durability, longevity and repurposing.

FROM HERE TO THERE IN 2045: Reimagining Transportation
A bold vision to move away from a car centric culture through sustainable mobility solutions with Long Beach as a case study.

COUNTY GOALS #2, #4, & #9
Design for a Sustainable Campus
Creating education modules promoting energy efficiency and water conservation – beginning with building design at community colleges.

Altered District
Designing architectural prototypes to create a healthy and sustainable work environment.

Blog Posts

The Futility of Symbolic Environmentalism

Like offering a band-aid for a bullet wound, Michael Goldberg argues that individual lifestyle changes may be little more than moral signifiers in the fight against climate change. For Goldberg such symbolic gestures are out of their depth when faced with the mounting material concerns of a global disaster.

Banking on Fairness Is a Risky Business

In part five of our series on public banking, S. L. Mintz considers several public financing models. "But before embracing public banks’ promise of low cost funding, advancement of local priorities and welcome returns on investment," he says, "informed taxpayers should weigh risks that can derail good intentions."

Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home

Pope Francis’ bold clarion call in Laudato Si’ is passionate but also thoughtful and undogmatic in exemplary ways. Even while summonsing the best conclusions and consensus of the scientific community, there is a tone of humility and a recognition that knowledge is always partial and emergent.

Banking of, by and for the People?

When residents of Yorba Linda and Placienta, California, approved a $200 million school construction bond, they got a nasty surprise. “Just one $22 million borrowing from 2011 will cost taxpayers nearly 13 times that amount — $280 million — to repay,” the Orange County Register reported in 2015.

Nationalism and Economism

I proposed that we view Western history, after the fall of Rome, in terms of three periods distinguished by the deepest level of loyalties and the ways people understood themselves: Christianism, nationalism, and economism. Perhaps economism might now give way to "Earthism." Let's work for that.

Eco Civilization in China

Residents and visitors breathe dark, smoggy air in the cities, and partly because the problems are so serious, China is committed to work for “ecological civilization.”

Nordhaus on the Pope and Markets

Nordhaus operates out of economic thinking that is strongly individualistic in its assumptions. He does not seem to understand the difference between taking the market as the instrument of solving our problems and putting forward different goals altogether.

Pando Populus’ Mission

The distinction of Pando Populus lies in our commitment to a worldview that displays the profound interconnectedness and mutual dependence of all the entities that make up our world.

Why Care About Greece?

The history of a world composed of nation states has not been a pretty one. Why should we care? It is not promising that governments are ceasing to be sovereign. It is hard to expect transnational corporations to make the decisions needed to save the habitability of the planet.