Magenta House ’23

Magenta House ’23/’24 returned for its second season with hundreds of 6th-8th grade students participating from 9 different LAUSD schools submitting some 20 projects for Expo showcase.

Magenta House is Pando’s middle-school program that unites civic engagement with STEM curricular resources, all focused on water and power conservation, and efficiency. The program combines a science-fair-like expo for showcasing students’ community-based work with a project accelerator designed to help all students deliver excellent and competitive submissions. 

The program offers infrastructure to support students who develop projects in their own communities on critical water- and power-related issues and teaches self-efficacy. Magenta House educational modules include water and power history of the California Southland and skills development in project-based brainstorming, project management, impact assessment, and presentation design. The program offers mentorship to participating teams. 

The 2023/24 Magenta House program involved over 300 students accelerating some 20 community-based projects across Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) middle schools. To read more about the program and how to get involved, go to

Magenta House Expo

Each year, the Expo challenges students to design projects that answer the following question:

How might we turn LA Magenta? That is, how might we make the city power-conscious and water-wise – beginning at the neighborhood level?

Student teams may develop projects for the Expo in any of three categories: new water- or power-saving tools or technology, new programs or systems, and new communications/community education campaigns.

The event was the culmination of weeks of work from 6th to 8th grade classes on the part of 9 schools and over 18 teams, all competing for cash prizes and a chance for their work to be honored at The Pando Sustainability Awards at Caltech in April.

See all the ingenious work for the Magenta House Expo ’23/’24 HERE.

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Magenta House is an initiative of Pando Populus, LA’s civic engagement incubator, and made possible by Los Angeles Unified School District and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.