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Safe Passages: Creating a Wildlife Corridor
Constructing a wildlife corridor connecting urban edges to wildlands by reintroducing native plants to attract local animals.

COUNTY GOALS #1, #2, #5 & #6
Colorado Lagoon
Visitors engage in site-specific augmented reality experiences – interactions make the value of preserving coastal wetlands personal – heightening the desire to protect this essential resource.

COUNTY GOALS #1, #2, #5 & #6
Visions of the Long Beach Breakwater
Community engagement through augmented reality – envisioning a sustainable future where natural waterway processes are disrupted.

COUNTY GOALS #1, #5, & #6
Restoring the Sepulveda Basin
Building broad-based support for a plan to transform the Sepulveda River Basin into an accessible green space featuring responsible water management.

Sea Studio
Designing an immersive holding space for artists, scientists, and the greater public to create kinship with our oceans.

CONFLUENCE: The Turtle Connection
A novel multi-sensory experience telling the story of endangered green sea turtles at the confluence of San Gabriel River and Coyote Creek.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT: Linking Pierce College to the LA River Through Biodiversity
A network of butterfly planters, bird boxes, and beehives designed to link the massive Pierce College campus to the LA River and rebuild biodiverse systems.

COUNTY GOALS #1, #5, & #6
Probing for Resilience
Employing a data-driven approach to advocate for the replacement of traditional landscaping with native plants.

Prototype to incarnate the vision of Pope Francis’s “integral ecology” at the Maryknoll Monrovia campus.

COUNTY GOALS #5, #7, & #11
Climate Migration and Faith
Developing a communication and action plan that church leaders can use to mobilize community engagement on the challenges of climate migration.

BIOPHILIA TREEHOUSE: Linking birds and people at the tree level.

A series of sculptural treehouses for birds fosters healthy ecosystems in an urban setting.

Test Plot: Elephant Hill
Creating a viable ecosystem managed by local community stewardship on once-neglected land.

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