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Prototype to incarnate the vision of Pope Francis’s “integral ecology” at the Maryknoll Monrovia campus.

A hub of service and Earth-centered learning for faith (and no faith) communities of every stripe.

BIOPHILIA TREEHOUSE: Linking birds and people at the tree level.

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Garden Mysteries

Rilke speaks of the gardener’s participation in the Universe's Mysteries this way: “In spite of all the farmer’s work and worry, he can’t reach down to where the seed is slowly transmuted into summer. The earth bestows.”

Interview with Mark Dibbens

Mark Dibbens is a professor of management at the University of Tasmania in Australia, where he focuses on the Philosophy of Management—a field with compelling relevance to ecological studies and environmentalism. Pando Blog editor Kevin Madden spoke with Mark over Skype in August.

Inner Life of a Bushtit

Astonishing new books reviewed by NYRB's Tim Flannery on the emotional lives of animals have "profound implications for humans and our worldview."